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Vision & Values

Core Purpose

The core purpose of the Trust is to maintain good and outstanding schools, and to ensure the rapid improvement of schools which need support in the future. The Trust must also act as a vehicle for enabling the sharing of best practice across the schools to ensure continual improvement. The Trust will provide the financial capacity to achieve economies of scale to benefit every child in every school within the Trust.


The Trust will create and maintain a shared culture which requires everyone whatever their role, staff or pupil, governor or parent, to take responsibility for their position and be accountable for what they achieve.  We will be driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of all children. Our shared culture will respect, uphold and complement each school’s distinctive ethos and character.


What makes us unique?

Our Community Multi Academy Trust is unique in that it is a primary only mixed Church of England MAT with both Church and Community schools.  We have long time successful relationship with both the Diocese of Canterbury and Kent Local Authority which will continue to offer us a range of resources and opportunities.

Our Visions and Values